Internship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities
To strengthen your connections within the industry, we arrange field visits and hands-on training to help you understand the practical applications.
Moreover, the internship arrangement is available to all program students to join.
The Internship is along with "Conservation Biology of Tropical Plants" course, which is held by Prof. Chun-Neng Wang. Students may register for the course and spend their summer/winter vacation in the Botanical Garden of the Guyan Zhuoyun Plant Conservation Center.
To allow students to experience how to use conservation research as the foundation, they may participate in the on-site live preservation strategy of tropical plants with experts, and students can obtain 2 credits afterward.
What will I learn
Students participating in this course will be able to actually take part in the conservation of important tropical plants, gain the ability to recognize and identify the main taxa of tropical plants, practice the cultivation and management of caring plants, observe and compare the similarities and differences of different tropical plant growth environments, and participate in native species conservation projects.
How to apply
To apply for the internship, please sign in for the course "Conservation Biology of Tropical Plants" before the vacation begins.
(For instance: If you take the course in Fall, you'll be able to join the internship in winter vacation.)
During and after the internship
Students who take this internship course should read the prescribed textbook provided by Professor before the internship.
After finishing the internship in the Botanical Garden of the Guyan Zhuoyun Plant Conservation Center, students shall make an implementation report and submit it to a popular science article or poster discussion for publication.